Monday, November 21, 2011


My next trip is set for Dec20th to Jan 10 to La Ceiba Honduras. Mostly what I will be doing is childbirth education, pregnancy support and birth support for woman who often have noone to encourage them while delivering. I am looking forward to this opportunity to once again step outside my comfort zone of AMerican Pregnant women and help create space for these women many of them less than 16 years old. Learning the language on the job will also be pretty daunting also.

I am trying to collect funds to buy childbirth teaching charts and books to help in the clinics. Please help me out!!

:Update on Honduras: What is needed is childbirth teaching charts and aids and of course in Spanish. I am setting up an account at Cascade --a midwife supply company that has a lot of childbirth aids. I cant create a Wish List but if you send an amount to them with my name as a gift certificate they will hold it for me so I can then order the things to take with me. So help me bring as much posters, charts, pelvis models, breastfeeding and newborn care as I can get by Dec 10th. Call Cascade @ 503 595 1720. I have picked out some things I think would be great to have to teach and the total is about $800.