Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year

and i hope the new year is what everyone hopes it to be. I am sitting in a beachside restaurant waiting for a new years eve dinner.Its off and on raining--so they will set up the tables and new customers will sit then the rain moves them in. Then it stops and new people sit and it forces them in again. It is a never ending lesson in hope!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I am heading on a bus to tela-- a more progressive hospital than La Ceiba. i will be allowed to show the nurses alternative ways of giving birth compared to laying in bed. Using the birth ball, squatting, hands and knees and standing. Being allowed to walk around and even getting the baby immediately on the moms chest is not normally practiced here.
I have brought Jose Miguel the baby doll and Natalie the pelvis to give some info to everyone about the mechanics if birth and the pelvis.
and there is a beautiful beach there!!

Where I am staying

this is Donya the gal who owns the place i am staying at in La Ceiba.Very active fiesty 72 yo and someone i want to be like when i grow up!!!!

Yesterday Class

Yesterday We had a class on a few things with nurses in the hospital-- laboring comforts, water and other therapies and should dystocia.

Monday, December 26, 2011


On christmas eve and day we gave out to the women something for their babies.. so everyone who sent blankies and clothes will be happy to know they were well received!! Some of these women had barely a small short for their new one and having a very clean and nice El Rope (clothes) for the baby was great!!
I tried to spend time with each mama after birth to just be there with her. to let her have some kindness and loving words about her and her baby. Even knowing just a few phrases helped communication a great deal.

Where I am staying

this is the front of the house where i am staying downtown La Ceiba. Its very unusual in that it has a spacious front yard and even a huge back yard!! My hostess is a 72 year old women who is a chemnist/pharmacist and very active.. she even yelled at me Most every home has a maid and a gardener..the houses are usually built with a small place for them to stay connected to the main house..


and carolers!!!! in the hospital!!!

Sambo Creek

Me with a pina colada on Sambo Creek !! Feliz Navidad!!!

Frutta market

the street...

frutta truck


after she wrapped them: (the pix are posting weirdly so bear with me!!

Here is our pile of donations with Silvia the gal in charge:


A head nurse who is very pro midwife..she is the one who inherits my scrubs!!!


Hospital Atlanta

found a place to get internet.. so i am going to try and post pix and stuff :)
the first day was interesting... going to the hospital and figuring out my place here. Sorta a doula but not really. Certainly not as a midwife!! Mainly learning some spanish--just enough to comfort and support women who are really alone.
Women come in and when they are 5 cn go into a bed. they must stay in bed the whole labor..sometimes able to goto bathroom but mostly using a bed pan. Nurse and Drs come by every hour or few and check things.
So I have learned: Bien--good/well, Muy-very, Se Que La Duella- I know about your pain, Lo Siento im sorry and banyo for bathroom, papil for paper, And a few other words to help them through this.
The biggest thing is that they are alone and very often with no knowledge of anything about birth. The medical people do not tell them anything and come in do their checks and walk out.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Learning new things here about this culture. People have no idea what turn signals are for, its a choice which lane to drive in :)
and it is most common to have a live in maid for just about everyone.
It always takes me a few days to figure out the small cultural idiosyncrasies that make a culture what it is. There is nothing worse than an american coming into a new country and demanding everyone be like them and taking no time to get to know the place they are visiting.
Rarely does anyone make appts since noone keeps to them..people just show up when they can. Waiting and standing in line for hours is a normal part of life here.
I cant wait to find a market and get fruits that i have heard are wonderful here!!

1st Day in Honduras

I left 610 am to fly into Houston then running over to find the gate to catch the next flight in less than an hour. We leave houston and 2 hours and 22 mins later I land in Honduras. and its HOT!! so off come the sweater and im glad I wore by sandals with no socks--tho at 6 am in huntsville i was freezin!!
Got thru customs and found my ride and off we go to lunch!!

Im just glad my 2 check in bags made it as it as the donated stuff including pelvis and baby!! Otherwise it was an uneventful plane ride!!

So im here and stayed tune for more stories!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making a list... packing stuff up

The main item i wanted to get to take with me to Honduras were things for Childbirth Ed-- and they really needed a pelvis and a baby model to help teach nurse and women more about the birth process.

So there were enough donations that i was able to buy a pelvis with a model baby and another pelvis with the muscles of the perineum and all female organs attached--needless to say my kids have had many a discussion on these pelvi sitting around waiting to get packed--nothing like female anatomy being explored!!

I have several bags of baby stuff to pack and more to pick up tomorrow. Lots of very cute and nice blankies and other things.

Thanks to everyone who donated money and baby stuff and got it to me!! I am so appreciative and I know a lot of moms and babies will be grateful for something as small as a baby blanket and outfit. Here in this country we take for granted clothes for our baby and good education about childbirth and so making a difference in another womens life is a great bond. I want those who gave to know how much this means to me-- whether I was/am your midwife or a friend or in some cases simply a friend of a friend and you were moved to help (Thanks Women From Tallahassee and Malcolm!!!!). I know it was close to a major holiday and money is tight but truly all of you were truly acting in the spirit of giving and kindness. How can the Divine herself not notice the love expressed?

Peace and Light


Monday, November 21, 2011


My next trip is set for Dec20th to Jan 10 to La Ceiba Honduras. Mostly what I will be doing is childbirth education, pregnancy support and birth support for woman who often have noone to encourage them while delivering. I am looking forward to this opportunity to once again step outside my comfort zone of AMerican Pregnant women and help create space for these women many of them less than 16 years old. Learning the language on the job will also be pretty daunting also.

I am trying to collect funds to buy childbirth teaching charts and books to help in the clinics. Please help me out!!

:Update on Honduras: What is needed is childbirth teaching charts and aids and of course in Spanish. I am setting up an account at Cascade --a midwife supply company that has a lot of childbirth aids. I cant create a Wish List but if you send an amount to them with my name as a gift certificate they will hold it for me so I can then order the things to take with me. So help me bring as much posters, charts, pelvis models, breastfeeding and newborn care as I can get by Dec 10th. Call Cascade @ 503 595 1720. I have picked out some things I think would be great to have to teach and the total is about $800.