Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I will be heading out June 3 from Bhm. Its a LONG trip the last leg from Detroit to Manila is 18 hours!!! Not sure what one does for 18 hours on a plane...hopefully I can charge my IPAD to play the wonderful Zombie in your Yard game!!!! Or even Pocket god or Pocket Devil.
Here is where I will be the first week doing the training
I have a duffle bag filled with supplies, a back pack for my own stuff and a camera, some cool flip flops and clothes for a hot tropical place.

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  1. I LOVE Plants Vs. Zombies- which is the game I think you are referring to! I hope you got it working for the ride back, if not the ride there! I've just gone through your entire blog and it brings back SO many memories of my 2 weeks in PI :) It's such a lovely, dirty, gritty, amazing place and it looks like you are having a very memorable trip.
    XO We miss you!