Monday, December 26, 2011


Hospital Atlanta

found a place to get internet.. so i am going to try and post pix and stuff :)
the first day was interesting... going to the hospital and figuring out my place here. Sorta a doula but not really. Certainly not as a midwife!! Mainly learning some spanish--just enough to comfort and support women who are really alone.
Women come in and when they are 5 cn go into a bed. they must stay in bed the whole labor..sometimes able to goto bathroom but mostly using a bed pan. Nurse and Drs come by every hour or few and check things.
So I have learned: Bien--good/well, Muy-very, Se Que La Duella- I know about your pain, Lo Siento im sorry and banyo for bathroom, papil for paper, And a few other words to help them through this.
The biggest thing is that they are alone and very often with no knowledge of anything about birth. The medical people do not tell them anything and come in do their checks and walk out.

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