Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making a list... packing stuff up

The main item i wanted to get to take with me to Honduras were things for Childbirth Ed-- and they really needed a pelvis and a baby model to help teach nurse and women more about the birth process.

So there were enough donations that i was able to buy a pelvis with a model baby and another pelvis with the muscles of the perineum and all female organs attached--needless to say my kids have had many a discussion on these pelvi sitting around waiting to get packed--nothing like female anatomy being explored!!

I have several bags of baby stuff to pack and more to pick up tomorrow. Lots of very cute and nice blankies and other things.

Thanks to everyone who donated money and baby stuff and got it to me!! I am so appreciative and I know a lot of moms and babies will be grateful for something as small as a baby blanket and outfit. Here in this country we take for granted clothes for our baby and good education about childbirth and so making a difference in another womens life is a great bond. I want those who gave to know how much this means to me-- whether I was/am your midwife or a friend or in some cases simply a friend of a friend and you were moved to help (Thanks Women From Tallahassee and Malcolm!!!!). I know it was close to a major holiday and money is tight but truly all of you were truly acting in the spirit of giving and kindness. How can the Divine herself not notice the love expressed?

Peace and Light


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