Thursday, June 3, 2010

1st day-- to the airport!!

I got all my stuff packed!! Note the huge duffle bag-i could not get a piece of paper in there at this point. My cute purple bag has my computer in it, camera, passport, money,books and homeopathic jet lag pills!!! and my orange back pack with clothes and tons of vit c and everything else...
So everything is going good until i have taken my shoes off, and my jewelry at the airport security check point and the gal who is looking at everything in the xray asks "whos oragne back pack??" $)#@*&$()&%$&*#@$ i think!! what could they have found SOOO terrible! so they look again..and then tough security guard comes and gets it and takes me to the "table" and asks what is in the medicine looking bag... now i did not know all liquids should be in 3 oz or less now..and OHMYGODDESS there is lavender lotion in 8 ounces!!!!! WHAT TO DO NOW???? I going to the philippines and need THAT DAMN LOTION!!! well i didnt say Damn to him or I would be in jail im thinkin.
He let me take the wicked stuff and said..have a nice flight!!!!! what am i going to do to anyone with lavender lotion that i could only do with 8 oz and not 3??? Put everyone to sleep????

Good grief..already accosted by police..didnt they see my peace and love bandana on the backpack?? Truly i am (@($#%^&#@ peaceful!!!!

Day 1. Exciting. Humorous.

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  1. It's C4 lavender scented lotion explosives!! Tho I am amazed you got everything packed...