Sunday, June 20, 2010

our saga to Boracay part 1

So with high hopes we set out sunday morning for the 2 hour van drive to Roxas to catch the 4 hour ferry trip across the ocean to Boracay to take a 10 min small boat to the island then a tricee ride to the resort!! whew. It ended up taking longer than the 18 hour plane ride TO Manila!~!
So there are 5 of us with huge bags so we get 4 tricees which we get separated..3 of us end up on one side of town and the other 2 elsewhere. There is no communication between us so we wait for about 30 mins..then decide to head out to the other side of town even though we are told this is the ONLY place with AC van rides to Roxas!!!... we take the 20 min tricee ride and We find them!!! and 45 mins later finally start the Van ride. now this van is for 16 people...but along the 2 hour quickly turning into a 4 hour trip he stops and picks whoever up going his way which eventually we have 19 all squashed in. So the stopping cause the ride to be 4 hours~along with his stops to get his snacks and talk with friends. Every time we stopped we have venders all around the van selling water/cokes/banana chips/eggs etc.....
We get to roxas to catch the ferry..we missed the 11 am one but we knew we could catch the 4 pm one to get to Boracay by 8 pm..but NO!! they cancelled the 4pm due to not enough cargo!!! So find a small hotel and get a room to rest...this is our gloriously colored room... and bathroom..and all sacked out just waiting for the ferry time. We did have an aircon room--air conditioning!!! Along with Vodka and Sprite!!!!!!!

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