Tuesday, June 8, 2010


the food here is plain and simple and good but with twists. A lot of rice--garlic rice is awesome. there is some kind of greens cooked with garlic. Lumpia, fish and Fruits. Mangos, Watermelons and pineapple are abundant. The portions are so much smaller than we American are use to but sufficient for the day. they also have more american foods like BLTs, ham and eggs, and omelettes. Also some curries and some chinese types foods. A good variety for eating here 3 meals a day for a week.
the 2nd week we will be at a health clinic and they will simply bring us 3 meals a day..no choices--just food. should be interesting.
the thing i miss most is ice!! We can get cold water and sodas but no ice (not safe to drink the tap water or eat the ice) and i do want a tall glass of ice water!!!

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