Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Other students

The other women taking this class are student nurses from Oregon. Some of these women have already done extensive traveling and health care in other countries and they are all in the 25-30 range of age. Their stories are awesome as well as their commitment to this already in their lifes choices. One one hand i think its great they are doing all this training and work before kids and marriage..but I also think its great to be on this side of family responsibilities and be able to do this...I guess its just important to do it when one thinks its a good time and not give up a dream.
Understanding that we cant change the world or even a country but we can make a difference to one women..one family and even possible one community in helping them get good medical care and safe and clean birthing areas. Really isnt that what life is about? connecting to one person at a time and making a difference when one can.


  1. I understand both aspects.. would love the experience but wouldn't trade my kids for the world.

  2. Donna, you've already made a difference in so many women's lives! You rock!