Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sat night festivities

is our last night here at Tamaraw. We head out this afternoon (sunday) to Calapan where the birth center/orphanage is located and do clinicals there.
So last night we had scrumptious meal at the Italian place on the cliff over looking White Beach-where the partying places are mostly located. Afterwards we went to one of the eating places/bars and watched a trannie show. Cross dressing men putting on a Karaoke show for the crowd. It was fun! These men/women were just gorgeous and fun--and loved us Americans. One sat with us to discuss the woes of boyfriends!!! They are called Baklahs-- and they are not looked down on for being gay/crossdressers but more seen as a 3rd gender here in the philippines. I find that interesting that a culture does not judge them but simply accepts the life as a another type of orientation.
Then we headed over to a sari sari that is a bar--A german guy owns it who is married to a Philippine woman- and watched the World Cup as one of our nurses is from Argentina and is a diehard soccer fan. It was a nice community adventure. Walking home at 1 am several Tricees wanted to give us a ride home--its a 15 min walk back- and we said no we did not want to pay 150 Pesos as we could walk. One driver finally talked us into paying 20 pesos each. (there was 5 of us).
It was a fun evening to round out the training week and into the more serious clinical week.

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